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If you’ve been a smoker for quite a long time already, there are some things that you begin to get used to and accept as being part of life as a smoker. When making the switch to electronic cigarettes, there are things you might go through that might surprise you. You will notice some very positive changes, but you may also experience some discomfort. Let us give you an idea on what to expect when you make the switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The first few days on electronic cigarettes will feel more or less normal – like trying out a new brand of cigarette. After a few days, however, a very small percentage of smokers making a total switch to electronic cigarettes, may experience common tobacco withdrawal symptoms, such as a feeling of tightening of the chest, nausea, coughing, increased phlegm production, hoarseness of voice, and mouth ulcers. These are perfectly normal, because your body is going through changes as it cleans itself of all the toxins built-up from smoking regular cigarettes.

You Suddenly Have a Stronger, More Sensitive Sense of Taste

A change in your sense of taste will begin to develop within a few weeks.

However, some foods you found to your liking while you were a smoker may no longer taste quite the same. Salty foods, for example, will begin to taste saltier, and you may find a need to adjust your personal preferences in food.

You Begin to Smell Better

As you change more toward using only electronic cigarettes, you will notice that you smell better throughout the day. Your clothes will no longer smell of cigarette smoke and you may even detect that the strength of body odors due to sweat, may be reduced. You’ll also notice your cologne smells better on you for longer.

This change is two-fold. Not only will you actually smell better, your sense of smell will also improve. You will begin to be able to appreciate more subtle odors and may feel more offended by stronger ones. You may even dislike the smell of cigarette smoke altogether as some electronic cigarette converts have reported.

You Begin to Look Better

Electronic cigarettes rid you of one of their most disgusting side effects – tobacco stains. After two or three months on electronic cigarettes you will begin to notice that your hands and lips look cleaner and your teeth are whiter. If you experienced tobacco withdrawal symptoms that included acne breakouts, these will also begin to really start clearing out after the second or third month. After a few more months, you will notice that your complexion has become many times better than when you smoked regular cigarettes.

You Suddenly Feel Stronger and Have More Energy

As any withdrawal symptoms begin to clear out, you will begin to notice a dramatic increase in energy. You suddenly will be able to tolerate heavier exercise and benefit more from exercise routines without getting so breathless. This is mainly due to the fact that your body is suddenly able to absorb more oxygen from the air after the horrible particulates contained in tobacco material is cleared out of your lungs.

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Tips for Converting to an Electronic Cigarette:
  • Don't put pressure on yourself to quit smoking cigarettes immediately.


  • When you feel like a cigarette take a few puffs on your e-cig.


  • Associate when you would use a regular cigarette and replace the associations with your e-cig. For example when your on the telephone or with a cup of tea


  • Dont use your e-cig like you would a normal cigarette. Take a few puffs at a time.


  • Take slower longer draws this will improve the vapour and 'throat hit'


  • Gradually decrease the use of your regular cigarettes replacing with your e-cig.

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